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7 Things to Bring When You’re Dropping Your Pets off for Boarding

Whether it’s your first time boarding an animal, or your tenth time, there are a few items you are required to bring along with you when dropping of your pets. The following is a list of items you should considering dropping off with your pets the next time you need to enlist the services of a professional pet boarding facility. …

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5 Pet Boarding Mistakes to Avoid

So far on the Puppy Love Pet Care Centre blog we’ve spent a fair amount of time helping pet owners by providing them with tips and tricks they can use to help maximize their pet’s experience when it comes to overnight boarding stays at our facilities. We do this by highlighting all the things you can and should be doing—i.e., showing …

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What Are Age Requirements for Pet Boarding?

At Puppy Love Pet Care Centre, we’ve witnessed this all too often: first-time pet owners comparing themselves to new parents. As pet owners ourselves we know it’s because owners of puppies and kittens are adjusting to a new way of life that includes learning feeding schedules, cleaning up after spills and accidents, and only getting a few hours of sleep …

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Your Guide to Dog Leashes and Collars – Tips & Tricks

If you’ve ever been invited to dog-sit for your family or friends for any period of time, you know how important it is to know where the dog’s leashes and collars are kept. That’s because without them, and without having a complete understanding of the dogs behaviour in your care, you’re pretty much stuck indoors, unless there’s a fenced in …

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Getting to the Kennel Safely: Requirements for Driving with Pets in the Car

As pet owners ourselves, the staff here at Puppy Love recognize that getting an animal into the car isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s necessary—especially if your furry friend isn’t accustomed to regular car rides. For pets who aren’t used to tagging along with you to the grocery store, to the breakwater at Cooke Street Village, or to Goldstream Provincial …

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Learn About Pet Insurance

Does Your Pet Insurance Cover Kennel Expenses?

We’ve all heard the horror stories about veterinary bills that run insanely high. Maybe your new puppy swallowed something he shouldn’t have and required major surgery, or it turns out your cat has an over-active thyroid that requires daily medicine. Situations like these can quickly put pet owners in debt. This is why there is an increasing amount of interest …

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Dog App

The Best Mobile Apps for Dog Owners

If there’s one thing us humans love just about as much as our pets, it’s our smartphones. When we’re not hanging out with one of these two things, we’re usually hanging out with the other. And I mean, why not? Both pets and smartphones are interactive and entertaining, especially when their entertainment values can be combined. What are we talking …

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How to Tell If Your Dog Isn't Feeling Well

How to Tell If Your Dog Isn’t Feeling Well

Let’s face it, owning a dog isn’t always as easy as a walk through the park. It takes constant dedication, especially when times are tough. Times are toughest for pet owners when their pets aren’t feeling well. There’s often a lot of mess to clean up, a lot of work to get your dog to want to do anything, and …

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Preparing Your Pets for Boarding

You’re getting closer and closer to your vacation time, and are probably getting more than just a little excited about spending a few days away from home. We know the feeling! Your bags are getting packed, the hotels and tours are getting booked, you’re scrambling to get ahead at the office so you’re all set for takeoff, and your pets …

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Why It’s Important to Vaccinate Your Pet

Your furry friend might be the cutest, cuddliest, friendliest cat or dog around, but just being adorable and loveable is not enough to get them through the door of a boarding kennel. To be eligible for any length of stay at a doggy day care or overnight kennel, it’s important to vaccinate your pet with up to date shots, and the papers …

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