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Regular trips to a pet-spa for your pooch or kitten are an easy way to keep your pet looking and smelling their best. But, did you know it’s also super useful to monitor your pet’s overall wellness? It’s true. Routine grooming services with a professional pet groomer is a great idea for maintaining your dog or cat’s overall health! 

In fact, the benefits of regular grooming for pets are numerous. That’s why at Puppy Love Pet Care Centre, we strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of our professional cat and dog grooming services. Keep reading for 5 health benefits of routine grooming that we’re sure will help keep your pup’s tail happily wagging and your cat’s purr volume on high.  

Coat Maintenance Equals Health Maintenance 

Regular coat maintenance for your dog or cat makes your furry friend’s coat look shiny and smooth, and is also an excellent way to monitor the health of your pet. Often times, when something is amiss with your pet’s health, the condition of their fur and coat can indicate underlying health issues may be present. 

Changes in the texture, sheen, or tensile strength of your pet’s fur are common indicators that a change in your pet’s health is occurring. Experienced pet groomers can help because they know what your pet’s coat should look and feel like when healthy, and can identify subtle changes that many pet owners may miss.

Pet Health Tip: If you do notice a change in the texture, thickness, or sheen on your pet, talk to your vet. Changes in your pet’s coat can indicate possible allergens or other conditions may be impacting your pet’s health.

Keep Skin Clean and Irritant Free

Long hair, thick fur, and shy behavior can make it challenging to monitor the condition of your pet’s skin. Early detection of skin problems on your pet like rashes, bumps, or lesions, can help prevent many potentially harmful conditions from worsening. 

Trained groomers keep a close eye on the health of your pet’s skin during the grooming process. In doing so, they can clearly determine if your cat or dog’s skin is irritated, sore in certain areas, or identify chronic health concerns that may be present.

Fun Cat Fact: Cat’s tongues are known for having a rough, sandpaper-like texture that is perfect for keeping your cat’s grooming skills top-notch. Did you know the roughness is from the cat’s tongue being covered in tiny barbs called papillae?

Parasite Prevention

Ticks, fleas, and other critters love to snuggle up with our pets just as much as pet owners! However, instead of just giving them a relaxing belly rub, parasites leave our pets reeling from itchy, irritating bites, and pose an increased potential for infections.

In Victoria, BC, our mild climate enables fleas and ticks to be active year-round. This means pet owners on Vancouver Island need to be diligent in parasite prevention. Parasites can be hard to detect, but by having your pet visit your groomer regularly, those unwanted critters can easily be kept at bay.

Tick Tips: Ticks can cause serious health problems for our pets. For more information on the risks of fleas and ticks to pets in the Victoria area, view our article here.

Reduce Annoying Shedding

Pet owners love their pets, but cleaning up mounds of fur and hair shed by our pet isn’t the best part of the relationship. A great way to reduce the amount of fur your pet sheds is to keep them on a regular grooming schedule. 

When pet groomers brush and comb your pet, they use tools specific to your pets breed and fur type. They also know how to effectively remove loose and overgrown fur in a manner that’s gentle to your pet’s sensitive skin.

Shedding Fact: Most cats and dogs shed their coats twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Having your pet groomed during their high shedding times can help shorten their “shedding season.”

Protect Nails and Claws

Dogs and cats require unique maintenance for their nails and claws that are best handled by those trained in animal grooming procedures. Nail and claw health affects your pet’s posture, mobility, and overall comfort. 

Regular trims are essential maintenance measures for all cats and dogs. It should be done by a trained and experienced groomer to prevent damage and injury to your pet’s sensitive paws.

For the Dogs: Regular nail trims help keep a dog’s nails short (and your floors protected) but, it also supports healthy foot structure and reduces the risk of infection.

At Puppy Love Pet Care, we love helping our clients to be well-informed on pet care best practices. We also practice what we preach! When entrusted with caring for our client’s animals we provide quality and caring services to each of our furry clients (and their two-legged owners too). Our grooming services are available to all breeds of cats and dogs and will always have your pet looking their best!

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