About Us

Care of others’ pets is taken as no small responsibility with our focus on a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

At our kennel, we present a number of options to ensure your pet is happy, well fed and exercised for the duration of their stay. Whether your dog is staying in one of our spacious dog kennels or your cat in our standalone Cattery buildings, your pets will be well cared for.

Our staff, management, and owners are dedicated and committed to the well being of your pet. All are well trained in the care and handling of your pet as well. We are a member of the Pet Care Services Association, formerly ABKA.

We offer the concerned pet owner a “Total Concept” facility, providing each pet, at any stage of life, with an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities.


Large, comfortable accommodations

Spacious indoor-outdoor runs

Special buildings for felines

Exercise yards up to one quarter acre

Personnel on premises 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Active member Pet Care Services Association, formerly American Boarding Kennels Association

Veterinarian on call

Warm, friendly, family atmosphere

Feline cuddle time and soft music

All managerial staff are “Certified Kennel Technicians”

Your pet’s well being is our #1 priority.

Our facility provides for a clean, fresh air environment, essential for your pet’s good health. A daily record is maintained for each pet and our qualified staff are always on the alert for potential problems.

Puppy Love is exclusively an individual boarding facility. Whether indoors or playing outside, dogs and cats from different families are never mixed in order to reduce stress and to eliminate the possibility of injury due to fighting or roughhousing.

We encourage you to come for a visit and take a tour of our facility.

Get in touch today and treat your pet to their very own vacation