child and dog on lakefront boardwalk

6 Lesser Used Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Greater Victoria Area

Social distancing in 2020 is an important step for our community that will help all of us stay healthy. However, getting outside for recreation shouldn’t be avoided entirely. In fact, hiking the trails in the Greater Victoria Area is excellent … Read More

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professional dog groomer at work

5 Ways Routine Grooming Services Benefit Your Pet’s Health

Regular trips to a pet-spa for your pooch or kitten are an easy way to keep your pet looking and smelling their best. But, did you know it’s also super useful to monitor your pet’s overall wellness? It’s true. Routine … Read More

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White dog and black dog being trained obedience

Improve Your Dog’s Obedience Skills with these 6 Useful Tips

Keeping your dog’s obedience skills at the “just finished training” level isn’t easy. If it’s been a while since you completed a training class with your pooch, you may have noticed a downward trend in your dog’s listening skills. Maybe … Read More

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playful large dog bounding

Easy Winter Dog Care Tips to Follow on Vancouver Island

In this article, we have simple pet care tips to help keep your dogs safe and warm this winter season on Vancouver Island. As a dog and cat boarding kennel in Victoria, BC, we love working with pets every day, … Read More

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Anxious dog on dog bed

How to Help Your Pet Deal with Loud Noise Anxiety

If you’re a pet owner on Vancouver Island of an animal who fears loud noises, like thunder or fireworks, you know how easily that fear can negatively affect their well-being. It’s no secret that when pets are confronted with a … Read More

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4 Signs Your Pet May Have Been Bitten By a Tick

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of animals, like cats and dogs, and, they are active on Vancouver Island. Ticks are concerning because they’re known to carry diseases that can cause significant harm to your pet’s health and … Read More

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dog boarding victoria bc - toys

7 Things to Bring When You’re Dropping Your Pets off for Boarding

Whether it’s your first time boarding an animal, or your tenth time, there are a few items you are required to bring along with you when dropping of your pets. The following is a list of items you should considering … Read More

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pet boarding mistakes in victoria bc

5 Pet Boarding Mistakes to Avoid

So far on the Puppy Love Pet Care Centre blog we’ve spent a fair amount of time helping pet owners by providing them with tips and tricks they can use to help maximize their pet’s experience when it comes to overnight … Read More

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What Are Age Requirements for Pet Boarding?

At Puppy Love Pet Care Centre, we’ve witnessed this all too often: first-time pet owners comparing themselves to new parents. As pet owners ourselves we know it’s because owners of puppies and kittens are adjusting to a new way of … Read More

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