Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Our dog kennel offers various accommodations dependent upon your dog’s needs.

At our kennel, we present a number of options to ensure your pet is happy, well fed and exercised for the duration of their stay. Whether your dog is staying in one of our spacious dog kennels or your cat in our standalone Cattery buildings, your pets will be well cared for.

Our staff, management, and owners are dedicated and committed to the well being of your pet. All are well trained in the care and handling of your pet as well. We are a member of the Pet Care Services Association, formerly ABKA.

We offer the concerned pet owner a “Total Concept” facility, providing each pet, at any stage of life, with an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities.


As an additional service for your dog, Puppy Love offers Playschool – a 20 minute service that gives additional individualized personal attention with one of our Social Directors in addition to your pets’ regular outside exercise times.

Your pet will be taken to our large 1/4 acre exercise yard for exercise, games and treats. Playschool is great for all ages, activities range dependant on your pets preferences. This service is completely optional and never has to be decided beforehand.

A session includes the following:

Pet Walking – a walk or jog around the area

Play Ball – a game of fetch with a ball, frisbee, or Fido’s favorite toy

Treat Time – a snack is always welcome after a workout

TLC – some of our friends just want to be hugged and petted

We take pride in the comfortable and loving environment we’ve created for your pet.

We strive to provide the best dog boarding in Victoria and to simply take care of your dog’s needs while you’re away. Rest at ease, knowing your dog will be treated like our own family. Our goal is to give you peace of mind while giving your precious dog a peace of heaven.

That’s why Puppy Love is exclusively an individual boarding facility. Whether indoors or playing outside, dogs from different families are never mixed in order to reduce stress and to eliminate the possibility of injury due to fighting or roughhousing.


Gold Package
Daily dog lodging
Standard: $37.00
Gold: $42.00
Each additional dog sharing a room (same family)
Standard: $25.00
Gold: $25.00
Our Standard Package includes lodging and 3 yard times every day.
Our Gold package includes lodging, 2 yard times, and Playschool every day.
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