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Keeping your dog’s obedience skills at the “just finished training” level isn’t easy. If it’s been a while since you completed a training class with your pooch, you may have noticed a downward trend in your dog’s listening skills. Maybe you find your dog doesn’t respond to you as quickly as they once did, or sometimes, they don’t respond at all?

When your dog’s training skills slip, it can be frustrating. At Puppy Love Pet Care Centre we want you to know that we understand, and you’re not alone.

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Sliding obedience skills is a common issue among dog owners. In fact, at our pet boarding kennel in Victoria, BC, we hear about this problem frequently. To help our clients with their dog training issues, we’ve decided to share our favourite tips to help you get your dog’s obedience skills back on track.

In this article, we’re going to share simple ideas that you can use to improve your dog’s obedience skills. But, before we do, we need to say something that might be hard to hear. But, trust us, because this information is a top reason why a dog’s obedience skills suffer after finishing dog training classes. Here it is.

Good dog training is a process that requires regular maintenance and consistent behaviour from owners. Without daily practice, consistent strategy, and ensuring the owner is dominant; dog owners are likely to find that their obedience training efforts will stop working. 

Are you ready to get back on track? Below are five tips approved by our dog boarding services team at Puppy Love. We’re confident they’ll be helpful to dog owners.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Dog being trained a new trick

If you and your dog are bored with the same old commands, try something different, like mastering a new trick. Introducing a new skill for them to learn will revive your dog’s attention skills and also give you something new to try too. 

A great trick that works to improve obedience skills is Fetch, but if you’re in for something a little different, try other tricks like “roll over,” “shake a paw,” or how to “bark-on-command.”

Re-introduce Old Expectations

Often, a dog owner’s expectations of their pet’s behaviour decrease over time, primarily if those skills are not maintained. For example, has your pet taken over a couch once deemed off-limits? Do they beg at the dinner table despite being trained not too long ago? If you can relate, it’s time to take your boundaries back. 

Reinforce your boundaries firmly and consistently with your dog to establish who the lead animal is. Remember, if your dog learned a behaviour once before, they can do it again. It just takes time, consistency, and practice.

Reward them with Play

Dog playing with a carrot chew toy

At our 5-acre property in Victoria, our dog boarding services team knows just how much dogs love to play! What’s more, we know that our furry clients LOVE to play with their owners. To instill healthy dog behaviours, offer your dog enticing rewards they’ll really respond too. What better way to reward your pup’s training efforts than with a good play session with their favourite EVER person?

When playing outside in the green spaces on Vancouver Island, be sure to keep watch for ticks and fleas that are active year-round in our temperate climate. Not sure what to look for? Learn here.

View Every Outing as a Training Session

Successfully refreshing your dog’s training skills should be incorporated in every outing you take with your dog. When out with your dog, test their skills and demonstrate that you expect them to obey. Be sure to reward them when they listen. If they don’t listen the first time, don’t reward them and try again.

Keep doing this until they know you mean business. Patience is vital during this process, so be sure to allocate enough time to see those positive results.

Take a Class Together

If starting a new training program with your dog feels a little, “been there, done that,” then approach it with trying something new. Improve your dog’s behaviour and meet like-minded dog owners at an advance obedience class or pack walk. Group class options will strengthen your dog’s listening skills while connecting you with new friends. 

Refresher dog training classes are available from most reputable dog trainers in the Greater Victoria Area, as are advanced training classes

How ever you approach your pet’s obedience training strategy, have fun, and remember what we said earlier in this article. The best way to ensure your dog training efforts will be successful is to stay consistent with your chosen method, practice regularly with your dog, and remain the dominant member in you and your dog’s relationship.

Dog walking alongside owner with a slack leash

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