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We’ve all heard the horror stories about veterinary bills that run insanely high. Maybe your new puppy swallowed something he shouldn’t have and required major surgery, or it turns out your cat has an over-active thyroid that requires daily medicine. Situations like these can quickly put pet owners in debt.

This is why there is an increasing amount of interest in pet insurance amongst Canadians. It’s been a big thing in Europe for a while now, with more and more Canadians catching on. Pet insurance is now offered through many insurance brokers, with each institution offering slightly different packages—the majority of which are designed to cover your pet’s emergency medical costs, including everything from terminal conditions to unexpected surgeries and major or mild illnesses.

Some packages even go so far as to cover routine health care costs associated with pet ownership, making it an even more enticing investment for pet owners, especially those on fixed incomes who can’t afford unexpected surprises.

What Types of Things Does Pet Health Insurance Include?

There is a ton of variety in the things a person’s pet health insurance plan covers. This is due to the fact that there are so many breeds and so many budgets out there that insurance companies have to provide for. Most brokers offer customizable packages to help you maximize your monthly expenditure.

These are the types of things pet insurance covers:

  • Accident Recovery Expenses
  • Illness Recovery Expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • Veterinary Exams
  • Dental Procedures
  • Major and Minor Surgeries
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Alternative and Behavioral Therapies
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Advertising and Rewards Offered for Missing Pets
  • Cost of a Lost Animal Due to Accidental Death or Straying
  • Pet Owner’s Vacation Cancellation Reimbursement

So, while all of that sounds wonderful, the question remains, does your pet insurance cover kennel expenses? Chances are good that it does. Dog kennel and cattery boarding coverage is included in most silver and gold (top-tier) Pet Health Insurance Packages. This means that it is considered an add-on in most cases—not included in the base rate—so read carefully and ask a lot of questions.

What Does Pet Boarding Insurance Cover?

Pet boarding insurance covers the costs associated with having your dog or cat looked after if you are hospitalized for at least two consecutive days. It doesn’t typically cover your recovery time at home. While the insurance company won’t cover you if you’re going on a week-long vacation, it does cover you if disaster strikes and you are incapable of caring for your pets.

Pet insurance policies generally cover a pet owner for up to $500-$1000 per policy year for licensed kennels only, and some carry a maximum dollar amount per day. Before sealing a deal with any insurance provider, make sure you ask specifically about boarding kennel coverage to make sure you end up with a plan that includes the amount of coverage you’re happy with.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Pet insurance rates range substantially. Some plans start as low as $10 and others out there can creep as high as $70 per month. The higher the fee, the higher the maximums for covered expenses. As for deductibles, they often increase as pets get older, ranging anywhere from $75-$375 per animal, depending on the medical attention they require. Check out Pet Insurance Review  for a quick snapshot of what the monthly fees might look like for you.

Pet Insurance Providers in Canada

There are several nation-wide providers of pet care insurance in Canada:

Pet SecurePet Secure Insurance Logo  – A proud supporter of the BC SPCA, Pet Secure offers six weeks of complimentary pet insurance for any cat or dog adopted from the BC SPCA. It offers pet owners plenty of customizable options and competitive prices.

Go PetplanGo PetPlan Logo – A Canadian branch of the world’s largest pet insurance provider, Petplan policies are comprehensive and include full coverage for all hereditary conditions, all without any dollar or time limits!

PC Financial Pet InsurancePC Insurance Logo – With the amount of shopping points you can collect by going through PC Financial Pet Insurance, their low rates become even more enticing. Plus, there is no deductible required to take advantage of their boarding kennel coverage.

Trupanion trupanion-logo– Trupanion reimburses pet owners a standard 90%, whereas other companies typically start at 80%. Like some of the others listed here, Trupanion also allows you to pick a deductible option that suits your financial situation.

BCCA BCAA-logo– Yes, even BCAA is offering pet health insurance these days. Get exclusive offers if you’re an existing member.


Hudson’s Bay Financialhbfs-logo – Take advantage of Hudson’s Bay Financial’s multiple pet discounts when three or more pets are insured, as well as receive Hudson’s Bay Rewards every month for insuring your pet.

Pets Plus UsPets Plus Us logo – One of the latest pet health insurance brokers out there, Pets Plus Use is one of few that offers an Accidents-Only package as well as optional coverage for alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, homeopathy, chiropractic care, and other treatments as recommended by a veterinarian.

At the Puppy Love Pet Care Centre we have experience working with many of the above-mentioned Pet Health Insurance Providers to help you make your boarding kennel claims go as swiftly as possible. We are located in the greater Victoria area and are open seven days a week to serve you!

Please take a moment to review our Boarding Rates. You will find that with such affordable rates, in many cases your insurance plan will cover the entire cost of your pet’s stay with us if you become ill or experience an accident.

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